Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Bi-Rite I love you!

After a day at the office and a few hours of Etta + Billie work, I managed to fit it a great dinner with my Mister to celebrate V-Day....and dessert. Hope you had a sweet Valentine's Day with your lover, family and friends!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Personal Goals 2011

Here is the short list of my personal goals for 2011. I know these will likely change throughout the year but its good to get something posted as a reminder for what I'd like to accomplish this year.

1. Fit exercise into my life. I have never been an athletic person nor gotten to the point where I really enjoyed exercising (except maybe recess when I was in middle school) but I have begun to see the effects of my lack of fitness (sore joints, knee troubles, trouble sleeping, stress - according to my doctor most of these should get better once I get into exercising on a regular basis). I have been struggling with fitting this into my life for the last few years but I am going to make this work this year. Part of my mission for 2011 to get at least 20-30min of exercise or activity 3 times a week. How have I done so far? This hasnt happened yet, but I did go to the gym Saturday morning and I walked about 2 miles yesterday.

2. Visit one new place or do one new thing every month. This sounds like a simple one but I think it will make a huge difference in my creativity level. It is very easy for me to get stuck in the same a routine each week. Especially when I am dealing with my day job, my business, and all the assorted other things in my life. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes this is a bad thing. Lately, I find that I've been loosing creative energy and getting cranky when I feel stuck in my routines. I hope that this goal with help me up my creativity, give me new focus and generally make me happier. How have I done so far? January - I went to Austin - check. February - Shain and I plan on taking a hike in the San Bruno mountains.

3. Keep my home/office tidy. This is important to me because like many people, I easily loose focus when I am surrounded by clutter or I feel like the house is dirty. Sometimes it makes me so anxious that I must stop what I am doing to clean. Very annoying. How have I done so far? Pretty dang good.

4. Utilize the public library. We have a great public library in San Francisco and I really would like to take advantage of that by borrowing every other book that I read. How have I done so far? Haven't made my way to the library yet, but I do have a great list of books I'd like to get.

5. Stay on Budget. This is a fairly broad goal that I will need to break up into smaller categories. I've been doing well for the past year but have definitely fallen off the budget wagon a few times. One of my first steps to stay on track is to sign up for - which I've heard is pretty fantastic. The next step is to re-assess my monthy/weekly budget and make adjusts, committing to my new numbers. This is also good practice for my business. How have I done so far? Ok, probably a 6 out of 10.

What are your goals for 2011? How do you plan on accomplishing them?