Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I must learn to proof read

I just want to comment on my last post because I just noticed something today - I wrote "happy new years eve" instead of "happy christmas eve"....apparently the lye fumes have killed one too many brain cells.

So happy pre new years eve eve and I now know what one of my resolutions will be for the new year : ).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A "Semi-Green" Christmas Part 3: The Tree cont.

Happy New Years Eve & Merry Christmas!!
The tree Mister brought home was absolutely adorable!! (pic below)

I of course decided that I wasn't going to buy any ornaments or decorations (except the LED lights), I was going to make all my holiday ornaments this year. I would channel my 5 year old self during this time of year when all I used to do was cut a million paper snowflakes and make really neato ornaments with pipe cleaners and construction paper. Of course I wanted them to be a little more adult so I found these and these for inspiration (of course I would be reusing old office paper and magazines etc.). What really ended up happening was my friend gave me some Martha Stewart make your own glitter ornament kit (as you see I decided against the glitter), that she got at the ReadyMade Holiday party (lucky beezy), that I used and then I cut out a few more paper ornaments (see right - its a bad representation of my work, I swear).

I also had big plans to do some popcorn garlands (fun, easy and compostable) but that idea was scrapped once I realized there were only 3 more days till Christmas.
At least I have all sorts of brilliant ideas for next year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A "Semi-Green" Christmas Part 2: The Tree cont.

After all the back and forth with the tree, Mister and I decided we would get a small organically grown Christmas tree (the big ones are super expensive). On his lunch break, Mister kindly went out and bought a tree at Sloat Nursery in SF. I was very excited as I mentioned in my previous post about the thought of a live tree....YIPPEE!!!

However, that afternoon, during one of many daily phone calls I learned that Mister's definition of "live" and my definition of 'live' vary greatly. I discovered this when I asked him if he had gotten a nice pot for the Christmas tree (we cant have it in one of those nasty plastic things). His response (according to my recollection): "what do we need a pot for?? Its not like we can plant it."
me: "What??!?! I thought you got a live tree"
Mister: "I did get a live tree"
me: "Well then in needs a pot with soil for its roots"
Mister: "I don't think the cut tree will root in a pot"
me: "What?!?!?! I thought you said you bought a live tree??"
Mister: "I did - its a live tree that has been cut"
me: "Umm...if the tree has been cut then its dead"

Needless to say we realized that we should have clarified our understanding of "live" before his trip to the nursery. Oh well, at least the thing was organically grown and we can always get a live tree next year!

more soon (obviously because its almost Christmas and I need to get it together)

Friday, December 12, 2008

I told you so

Like I mentioned in my first post - I am the worst speller. This was pointed out yet again by my little sister who called me yesterday (after going to the emergency room with a 2 day migraine) and mentioned that I had a spelling error in header....thank you little sis - I will be sending you all my updates for proofing before I finalize. : )

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First post ever!!

OK, so I had big plans of having a very interesting first post but I just got a little overwhelmed. So I figured I would go with some completely random info about me.

1. I do not like exercise that involves gyms or running - I have never been athletic and I generally feel like I might keel over when I do jog. I have to be coerced into doing it with promises of cookies or a beer.

2. I am one of the worst spellers on the planet. Spell check is my best friend : ).

3. I work a 9-5 office job. It is very boring and a monkey could do my job - but the people are wonderful and I have a pretty nice view from my cubicle (you can see my crappy cell phone pic on the right) - plus is pays the bills while I try to get my business started so I cant complain too much.

4. I really like food. I have a hard time understanding people who diet and/or don't eat. Food is just too fantastic to limit. There are only 2 things I really dislike. One is mayo (although I eat tuna salad, egg salad, etc - I just cant have plain mayo - yuck). The second item is split pea soup (totally random, right?). I always try to see if my taste buds have changed their minds but apparently they still really dislike split pea soup.

5. I live with my boyfriend in a little apartment. He likes food too. (see him cooking pasta, isn't he cute)

6. I love making soap and bath and body products - so I am starting a business surrounding my wonderful hobby.

And that seems like enough random info for now. laters...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A "Semi-Green" Christmas Part 1: The Tree

So for my first serious post I figured I should write about my attempts at a semi-green Christmas (i say semi-green because I have already f''d up a totally green Christmas by buying some non-green gifts...they were too cute to pass up).

Anyway, my first thought was the Tree. My oldest Christmas tree memories involve various live trees that my parents would schlep into the house during December and schlep out sometime in January. Eventually these trees would get too big and we have to be planted somewhere in our yard and replaced with a new live tree. So I am totally used to the live tree idea. However I found out that my Boyfriend aka Mister was traumatized when i suggested we get a cute organic Rosemary bush shaped like a Christmas tree....he wants a real tree. So then I thought what about the Christmas tree program run by Friends of the Urban Forest in San Francisco where they deliver a live tree, come pick it up, then plant it in the city somewhere - sounds amazing right?? Well apparently that wont work either because if you notice they do not have any pine tree options and we cant just have any tree as our Christmas tree. Good lord.

to be cont...