Wednesday, February 25, 2009

V Day Every Day Project

This post is a bit belated for a few reasons - 1. I have been really lazy about posting 2. Cause I really don't think that this project is solely for V Day. WARNING - V DAY mini rant - I think we should all try to show our appreciation and love for our significant other everyday not just on V Day. I am a bit cynical when it comes to V Day for a few reasons but the main one is that I really dislike the fact that people feel "forced" to show love - especially via spending money which is kinda beat. OK moving on...

In past years Mister and I have made each other cards (Mister once made me the cutest pop up card ever - I still have it somewhere) and made special date plans for nights other than V Day. This year I was inspired by this post on Design*Sponge and decided I would make Mister a present.

I spent V Day morning running around getting groceries for our dinner and scouring our house for nick nacks - I even went through the top drawer of Mister's dresser (which is extremely scary but I thought would contain lots of goodies - I couldn't find anything and I got scared by all the crap in there so I stopped my search early). I then decided to buy a couple of odds and ends at the local craft store plus I needed to buy a glue gun and paper.

1. Get bits and bobs together and place them in the desired design. Take a picture!

2. Spray bits and bobs with chosen paint (I used flat white spray paint - I got a bit over zealous though and almost got paint all over the kitchen floor - woops).

3. After waiting what felt like ages for the stuff to dry (it was only an hour but I was behind schedule) - I arranged items on paper (I used heavy duty card stock) using the photo from earlier.

4. One by one glue each item to paper. Watch out for the stringing hot glue - I didn't notice it on my piece until it framed it! According to the D*S site you can use a hair dryer to get them off - I STILL need to try that out.

5. I wrote a little note on the back for Mister and framed that beezy.

TA DA!!!!

I think it looks great (besides the glue strings which luckily you can see in this photo) and Mister really appreciated it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

R.I.P. Wesley


I am a bit emotional today. This morning I discovered one of our fish - Wesley (a six-lined wrasse - Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) dead on our buffet...and I cried...a lot.

This is what Wesley looked like....(pic from Members Aquariums)

Of course I called Mister blubbering about Wesley. We realized that she must have jumped out last night when Mister opened the lid to the tank to check on some things (which makes both of us feel awful, if only we had noticed...). Some might think I am over reacting but these fishies are the only pets that Mister and I have and we love them. I know this sounds crazy but our fish seem to have personalities. It makes them more lovable and oh how I loved Wesley.

Tonight, Mister and I are going to have a little ceremony and bury her in the backyard (I have never been much of a fish flusher - it just doesn't seem right to me). RIP Wesley!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I will conquer the Tourist Club!!!

Saturday I went on my first hike since October (I know its a travesty) with my friends M & P. We decided we were going to hike around Muir Woods area in Marin County, with a special trip to the Tourist Club (views and beer!). It was a glorious day. We hiked for about an hour playing the name game (M gets a shout out for Yoko Ono).

We finally realized that we had gone the wrong way on the trail (perfect reason to make sure you have a map or a photographic memory). We went back to the car and decided to hit up a dive bar in Mill Valley for a conciliatory beer. Here is P posing with our pints (his politics blog is here).

After our failed attempt to get to the Tourist Club, we vowed to try again soon but next time we will definitely have a map : ).