Friday, June 26, 2009

MJ Tribute

Yesterdays needs was very upsetting. Thriller (see the cover photo below) was the first cassette tape I ever owned and I played that baby over and over on my playschool boom box. Here is one of my very favorite Michael Jackson songs....RIP MJ.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New clothes...just what I need.

Love the new line from Mona & Holly - I pretty much want everything...even the shorts and I hate shorts.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

SF Etsy Meet Up

Tuesday I had the opportunity to go to an official Etsy meet up at the Crossroads Cafe (run by the Delancey Street Foundation) in San Francisco. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the big wigs behind the scenes of Etsy. Maria Thomas (Etsy CEO), Sara Hicks (VP of Product), Chad Dickerson (Cheif Tech Officer), Jesse Hertzberg (Director of Biz Development), Carrington Williams (Director of Strategic Finance and CB (engineer I think) answered a TON of questions from various people. Topics ranged from Etsy's marketing to Paypal snafus to missing newsletters. This meeting reinforced one of the reasons that I love Etsy - the personal connections that are created through an online marketplace!!

While there, I met up with fellow B&B seller Valerie from Piper Tate (we met at the HSMG Conference see my post here) and fabulous vintage seller Jen from Maven Vintage (check out her blog here). Val and I chatted away for hours about various business nity gritty. Thanks Val for dealing with a million and one questions!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Say hello to Anise Peppermint

I just listed my newest soap creation Anise Peppermint. As a child, I despised Black Licorice (YUCKIE!) but I've matured since then and love the scent of Licorice, especially when its mixed with other things. I started thinking about this bar after taking a class at The Nova Studio with the fabulous Lori Nova. She made Anise scented soap and I just loved the scent so much I started thinking up my own fabulous combinations, thus Anise Peppermint was born. This soap is a fresh scented blend of bright clean Peppermint and sweet tangy Anise. The swirl was created thanks to some help from mother nature (charcoal) and gravity!

Doesn't the spot near the top look like a Chambered Nautilus? Check out this link for comparison.

Anise has traditionally been used as a deodorizer (fisherman used to rub the plant on their hands to help rid them of odors) and charcoal packs its own odor neutralizing punch, so this bar is perfect for a kitchen soap or a post work out shower. Check out my listing on Etsy here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HSMG Conference Palm Springs...finally

More than two weeks ago I attended the Hand Crafted Soap Makers Guild Conference in Palm Springs and I still think I'm recovering ; ). I had heard a lot of great things about the conference from Lori Nova of The Nova Studio and I am sooo glad that I was able to attend this year. I was a really wonderful opportunity for me to majorly geek out on all things soap!! Plus I got to meet tons of incredible people - including some serious role models like my very own conference roomie Jen Hardaway of Klean Bath + Body, Lela Barker of Bella Lucce, Anne Marie Faiola of Brambleberry and the list just keeps on going....

Lori Nova and I

The conference was meticulously planned and organized, the VP of the HSMG Leigh O'Donnell (and future president) did a great job. It truly is incredible how many events, presentations, networking hours, meetings and meals were packed into 3 days. There were presentations ranging from topics like Setting Up Shop with Linda Stevens of Upland Soap Factory (who is hilarious!) to The Media is You with Donna Maria Coles Johnson of the Indie Beauty Network. I was shocked when I realized I was understanding (and really enjoying) Cold Process Kinetics (heat in soap making process) with Kevin Dunn, PhD (apparently I have turned into a science geek in my old age). Kevin had the coolest animation to show the chemical bonds between soap and water molecules and the different ways soap molecules can arrange neat - you can check it out here. The first evening, Kayla and Dennis Fioravanti (check them out on Twitter here) of Essential Wholesale threw a lavish party -

My table at the party

complete with jugglers, stilt walkers, an incredible ice sculpture/martini fountain,

delicious food, a bag filled will amazing natural products (I cant get enough of the Bitter Almond & Vanilla Lotion), and two very talented comedians: Wendy Leibman and Jon Reep. Jon had me in tears, I was practically hyperventilating I was laughing so hard...oh lordy that man is fuuuunnnny. After the next jam packed day we had an evening to pamper ourselves with Spa Night - don't I look fabulous?

Thanks for being my personal photographer Bill (from Piper Tate)! Somehow I managed to make it to the pool each evening (staying up way past my bedtime) to chat it up with my fellow soapers.

The last day of the conference was bitter sweet, it started with a Indie Meet up breakfast hosted by Donna Maria where I was able to meet fabulous Indies and talk about legislation effecting our industry. Oh and I also got to talk cupcakes with Anne Marie. Fellow soaper Cindy of Sudz N Bubbles and I got more than we bargained for when we went to a local spot called Randy's. Randy's is a Palm Springs staple and is frequented by sports stars and Hollywood celebrities. Randy was extremely genial if a bit eccentric, his walls are covered in photographs and autographs and his menu was a binder not only filled with food options but also articles, factoids and more photographs. You can ready more about the lunch here. After another afternoon of classes the conference ended with dinner, an awards ceremony and tons of pictures!

The next day was rough, I was sleep deprived and had to be up at 4am for a 6am flight back to SF so I could make it to work by 9 (I know I am totally crazy). I am thankful I didn't have anything serious to do at work that day because I was loopy!!!

I really had a great time and I am so glad that I went. I know that I am definitely attending next years conference in Denver!! Hopefully this time I'll get to hit up the spa.