Monday, September 28, 2009

The Show!

My booth

So, my first show went fairly well. I did better than I expected, I met a bunch of fantastic SF Etsiers (Sarah Deragon, Annie of Sourdoughs, Rebecca of JimDandys, Kendra of KendraRenee, Erin of Eristotle...) other crafters (like Jess of XOJF and Liz of 1 by liz) and my fantastic friends came to visit me (and make purchases).

My fabulous friend and customer Heidi

Thanks to the ladies of Lightbox SF for making my first show so painless - cant wait for the next one!!!

Trippy photo of me at my booth and Liz in the background

My photos didn't turn out very well - Sorry - still getting a hang of the new camera!


Anne-Marie said...

Congrats on your first show! That's very exciting and it sounds like it was a success!

Alana said...

Thanks Anne-Marie!! I was so excited/nervous. I cant wait for my next one.

Donna Maria Coles Johnson said...

Your soap looks beautifully packaged! Very neat and pretty -- kinda edible looking like good handmade soap should look! Congrats on your first show! Yay!

Alana said...

Thanks dM! I had countless people tell me that my soaps looked good enough to eat...I had to tell them that they all tasted like soap ;).