Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Etta + Billie Featured on Bright Side Project

My products were featured on the Bright Side Project last Friday!!! I am absolutely ecstatic!!!

What is The Bright Side Project you ask?? Well it is an ingenious project created by Miss B (aka Tristan) to bring a daily ray of sunshine into everyone's life through product giveaways (win by answering sweet questions like "What is you favorite memory from your childhood?") - which in turn helps her publicize emerging artists, designers and other product creators. I received an email from the lovely Tristan last week asking if I wanted to participate (she found me on Etsy) - after checking out her website I was ready to jump right in (sadly I had no idea about this wonderful project before last week!). One of my favorite parts, is that I was able to create the question and I get to pick the winner. The question is:

What is your favorite scent and why? What memory does this scent evoke?

Scent has always fascinated me (good thing I work with it all the time) - it has the most incredible way of transporting you back in time to specific memories...every time I smell Aqua Di Gio I think of being in behind the stage of my 6th grade class play trying to get the attention of my crush who was too busy being mischievous to notice me...sigh. Ok, enough reminiscing. There is still a chance to win four of my soaps until Friday April 24, so get your butts on over to the site and answer the question!! Link is here and check out the rest of the site here.


Kelle's Kitchen said...

Congrats!! You totally deserve it :)

Alana said...

Thanks lady!!!