Friday, May 22, 2009

Fear...Dun Dun Duuuuun.

photo from HowStuffWorks

I just saw this great post about Fear at Soap and the Finer Things In Life by The Soap Queen aka Anne-Marie Faiola. This is an issue I struggling with when it comes to starting my own business, I have many fears not only about failing but about succeeding as well (sounds weird but its true!). I can truly overwhelm myself with fear when I start imagining all sorts of future scenarios involving my business. What happens if my business fails? What will I do then? What happens if I succeed? What will my life be like?? Some of us have learned how to deal with Fear and keep moving forward while others havent reached that place yet. I know I need to work on acknowledging my fears - then to just keep truckin. Otherwise I will get stuck, feeling helpless and in turn not following my dreams and passions which would pretty much suck! That is definitely NOT how I want to live my life.

What fears do you deal with?? How do you deal with them??


Ruth said...

I _totally_ understand your fear of success. I feel that way, too. I try to remember that most times we fear what is new, simply because we've never experienced it before. Then it doesn't feel like such a big monster anymore; just something that I have to live through and deal with the best I can.

Alana said...

You are so right Ruth. Thanks for that.