Saturday, May 30, 2009

So Random

Since I still haven’t finished my HSMG Conference post (I know, I know I am a bad girl) I thought I’d do a quick post with some random stuff.

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1. I saw UP last night and really enjoyed it. They did throw in some tear jerking moments…I was already teary eyed within the first 15 min. I highly recommend spending the cash to see it on the big screen - and I am sure its even worth the extra few dollars to see it in 3D (which is how I had wanted to see it but was outvoted by Mister, Molly and Paul…punks). Click here to see one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Note: I pretty much believe that PIXAR can do no wrong.

2. I just got the new JCrew catalog, which is filled with numerous things that I really really want but cannot have. Curse you JCrew for tempting me to shop with your cute flats and pretty tops!!!!

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