Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Say hello to Anise Peppermint

I just listed my newest soap creation Anise Peppermint. As a child, I despised Black Licorice (YUCKIE!) but I've matured since then and love the scent of Licorice, especially when its mixed with other things. I started thinking about this bar after taking a class at The Nova Studio with the fabulous Lori Nova. She made Anise scented soap and I just loved the scent so much I started thinking up my own fabulous combinations, thus Anise Peppermint was born. This soap is a fresh scented blend of bright clean Peppermint and sweet tangy Anise. The swirl was created thanks to some help from mother nature (charcoal) and gravity!

Doesn't the spot near the top look like a Chambered Nautilus? Check out this link for comparison.

Anise has traditionally been used as a deodorizer (fisherman used to rub the plant on their hands to help rid them of odors) and charcoal packs its own odor neutralizing punch, so this bar is perfect for a kitchen soap or a post work out shower. Check out my listing on Etsy here.


Lori Stoia said...

I was the same as you did not like the black licorice as a kid. I wound up taking one of Lori Nova's CP classes and that scent happened to be one of the soaps I choose.

Alana said...

It really does smell great in soap, especially when mixed with something else.