Thursday, June 11, 2009

SF Etsy Meet Up

Tuesday I had the opportunity to go to an official Etsy meet up at the Crossroads Cafe (run by the Delancey Street Foundation) in San Francisco. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the big wigs behind the scenes of Etsy. Maria Thomas (Etsy CEO), Sara Hicks (VP of Product), Chad Dickerson (Cheif Tech Officer), Jesse Hertzberg (Director of Biz Development), Carrington Williams (Director of Strategic Finance and CB (engineer I think) answered a TON of questions from various people. Topics ranged from Etsy's marketing to Paypal snafus to missing newsletters. This meeting reinforced one of the reasons that I love Etsy - the personal connections that are created through an online marketplace!!

While there, I met up with fellow B&B seller Valerie from Piper Tate (we met at the HSMG Conference see my post here) and fabulous vintage seller Jen from Maven Vintage (check out her blog here). Val and I chatted away for hours about various business nity gritty. Thanks Val for dealing with a million and one questions!


Piper Tate said...

I'll second that Alana! It was a fabulous night! Loved hearing from the ETSY team. They're a bright, earnest group, trying to make a better site for every experience. Very impressive. Alana, thanks again for all your great info about,.. well, everything!
Let's check out an Alameda Flea this summer for some great vintage!

Alana said...

Yes, we definitely need to be vintage buddies for hunting at the Flea Market!!