Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quest for CUTE Organic Undies

It is time for new underwear!! I have been hanging onto the cutest pairs from The Gap for too long. So now that I am finally buying new stuff I am on a quest for organic cotton undies. Why do I want organic cotton?? Cotton production uses 25% of the worlds insectisides and 10% of the worlds pesticides - these chemicals harm the farmers, the soil, livestock and the consumer. For more info read this and this. Although underwear is a small start - its better than nothin.

I started my online search the other day and I was a bit dissapointed to say the least. Many of the styles I found were just too frumpy for my tastes.

image from Rawganique
I know that I am trying to buy cotton undies but I need them to be at least a little bit cute. Like the lovely options from Stella McCartney's eco line of beautiful lingerie coming out in February.

image from Stella McCartney

Other places like here and here and here had cute options but I am a bit of a cheapscate when it comes to underwear and I can not fathom paying more than $8. - unless of course I am paying insane prices for Agent Provocateur . ***Warning slight tangent*** If you have not checked this stuff out you must!!! It is so insanely sexy and beautiful (um and expensive). I actually contemplated paying $300 for a corset because I felt so damn good it in. (I have only every purchased 2 items - when they were on super sale). I know the stuff isn't exactly eco-friendly but I can't help myself.*** So, finally I found these (which I think are pretty cute) on Global Girlfriend a company that sells fairly traded goods to help woman around the world gain economic freedom. I ordered 3 pairs (in black and storm) and I can totally doll them up myself with this lovely DIY project I found on The ├ľko Box . Some other cute inexpensive styles I found are here and here.

image from Global Girlfriends

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