Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A "Semi-Green" Christmas Part 3: The Tree cont.

Happy New Years Eve & Merry Christmas!!
The tree Mister brought home was absolutely adorable!! (pic below)

I of course decided that I wasn't going to buy any ornaments or decorations (except the LED lights), I was going to make all my holiday ornaments this year. I would channel my 5 year old self during this time of year when all I used to do was cut a million paper snowflakes and make really neato ornaments with pipe cleaners and construction paper. Of course I wanted them to be a little more adult so I found these and these for inspiration (of course I would be reusing old office paper and magazines etc.). What really ended up happening was my friend gave me some Martha Stewart make your own glitter ornament kit (as you see I decided against the glitter), that she got at the ReadyMade Holiday party (lucky beezy), that I used and then I cut out a few more paper ornaments (see right - its a bad representation of my work, I swear).

I also had big plans to do some popcorn garlands (fun, easy and compostable) but that idea was scrapped once I realized there were only 3 more days till Christmas.
At least I have all sorts of brilliant ideas for next year!


The Dirty Business Bath Co. said...

I said screw the tree, so any attempt at being crafty is admirable.

Alana said...

I might have to so that next year...or maybe I will make a tree out of paper and just tape it to the wall.