Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A "Semi-Green" Christmas Part 2: The Tree cont.

After all the back and forth with the tree, Mister and I decided we would get a small organically grown Christmas tree (the big ones are super expensive). On his lunch break, Mister kindly went out and bought a tree at Sloat Nursery in SF. I was very excited as I mentioned in my previous post about the thought of a live tree....YIPPEE!!!

However, that afternoon, during one of many daily phone calls I learned that Mister's definition of "live" and my definition of 'live' vary greatly. I discovered this when I asked him if he had gotten a nice pot for the Christmas tree (we cant have it in one of those nasty plastic things). His response (according to my recollection): "what do we need a pot for?? Its not like we can plant it."
me: "What??!?! I thought you got a live tree"
Mister: "I did get a live tree"
me: "Well then in needs a pot with soil for its roots"
Mister: "I don't think the cut tree will root in a pot"
me: "What?!?!?! I thought you said you bought a live tree??"
Mister: "I did - its a live tree that has been cut"
me: "Umm...if the tree has been cut then its dead"

Needless to say we realized that we should have clarified our understanding of "live" before his trip to the nursery. Oh well, at least the thing was organically grown and we can always get a live tree next year!

more soon (obviously because its almost Christmas and I need to get it together)

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