Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A "Semi-Green" Christmas Part 1: The Tree

So for my first serious post I figured I should write about my attempts at a semi-green Christmas (i say semi-green because I have already f''d up a totally green Christmas by buying some non-green gifts...they were too cute to pass up).

Anyway, my first thought was the Tree. My oldest Christmas tree memories involve various live trees that my parents would schlep into the house during December and schlep out sometime in January. Eventually these trees would get too big and we have to be planted somewhere in our yard and replaced with a new live tree. So I am totally used to the live tree idea. However I found out that my Boyfriend aka Mister was traumatized when i suggested we get a cute organic Rosemary bush shaped like a Christmas tree....he wants a real tree. So then I thought what about the Christmas tree program run by Friends of the Urban Forest in San Francisco where they deliver a live tree, come pick it up, then plant it in the city somewhere - sounds amazing right?? Well apparently that wont work either because if you notice they do not have any pine tree options and we cant just have any tree as our Christmas tree. Good lord.

to be cont...

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